Healed while looking at Angel Road&Setonaikai

【Official】Tenku Hotel Kairo

For customers who want to stay in New Udon Prefecture and get a discount on Kagawa

  • Hyogo / Shimane added "For those who live in Kagawa / Tokushima / Ehime / Kochi / Yamaguchi / Okayama / Tottori"

    A campaign to distribute up to 50% discount on travel and accommodation (up to 5,000 yen / person) and a "new Kawawari coupon" for up to 2,000 yen that can be used at souvenir shops, restaurants, tourist facilities, etc.When making a reservation from the website, please write "New Kagawa Discount Request" in the remarks column.If you make a reservation by phone, please let us know that you would like a new Kagawa discount.Until June 30th stay.Vaccine certificate or PCR test is required.Also, please bring your ID.For details, please check the website of the New Kagawa Wari Secretariat.

Limited to Summer★Garden barbecue plan appeared

  • Enjoy a 180-degree panorama of nature in Setouchi

    Angel Road is a barbecue dinner plan garden terrace where you see the Angel Road under your eyes.You can enjoy the 180-degree panoramic pattern of nature in Setouchi This is a guide to maintain a social distance to prevent infection.

    【Barbecue menu】
    Meat, seafood, vegetables, rice balls, fruits

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • lobby

    In the lobby where you first welcome you,
    It is characterized by a modern construction interwoven in a calm relief feeling.
  • Angel Road view garden

    Tenku Hotel Kairo garden of Tenku Hotel Kairo, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Angel Road, and you can enjoy the spectacular sea of the Setonaikai Sea and the spectacular views of the islands.
  • Large Communal Bath

    Setouchi large public bath where you can enjoy the view of Setouchi. From the outdoor open-air bath you can watch Angel Road.
    ◆Opening Hours◆
    ※The morning bath is currently canceled to prevent coronavirus infection.
    evening, From 16:00 to 23:00
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Hotel Name

Tenku Hotel, Kairo


1135 Kabuto, Tonosho Town, Shozu County, Kagawa Prefecture

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Tonosho Port approximately 7 minutes by car from Tonosho Port.Ikeda Port approximately 12 minutes by car from Ikeda Port.Fukuda Port approximately 40 minutes by car from Fukuda Port.

Free pick up from Tonosho Port.Tonosho Port will pick you up around 7 minutes when you call us from Tonosho Port.In the morning, we operate a shuttle bus to Tonosho Port.
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Regarding measures against new coronavirus infections at this facility

  • About infection prevention measures

    ■In order to avoid stagnation, we will thoroughly implement social distance at the restaurant, wear masks for all employees who are in direct contact with customers, diligent hand washing, thorough alcohol disinfection, regular ventilation, and prevention of three sparseness.We ask our customers to measure their body temperature at check-in, disinfect alcohol, wear masks, and fill in the addresses of all.
    ■We may refuse to stay due to the circumstances of the accommodation, such as when we feel unwell or due to the situation of infection on the island.
    ■If you live in an infected area, you may not be allowed to stay depending on the status of the infection.Please note.

Shodoshima number of movies have been shot in Shodoshima for 100 years.

  • Nijushinohitomi" was filmed in "Kankairou," the predecessor of the Tenku Hotel Kairo

    In the movie "Arc Ark" released in 2021, various scenes are shot in KairoDirector Kei Ishikawa of the movie "Arc Ark" said, "I imagined the Mediterranean Sea and Greece from the image of the mysterious atmosphere of Ken Liu's" Ark ".So I came up with the idea that there would be the Setonaikai and Shodoshima Shodoshima is a unique place.Nijushinohitomi were black-and-white images, but there are many scenes in ShodoshimaThe contrast between the sky and the sea, and the white road that stretches all the way through it makes it look great in black and white.I thought that the strength of the sun was a little different here. "Many scenes were also Tenku Hotel Kairo

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