A souvenir ticket for 500 yen per person by applying from HP!

【Official】Tenku Hotel Kairo

"Welcome to the official homepage of the Tenku Hotel Kairo!", Reservation from the official homepage is definitely Tenku Hotel Kairo! A gift certificate present at a souvenir shop in the facility!

Shodoshima floating in the Setonaikai. Setouchi Tenku Hotel Kairo is on the hill where you can see the islands in Setouchi. Please spend a relaxing time watching the appearance of Angel Road changing constantly with time.Tonosho Port close Tonosho Port from Tonosho Port is also the best base for Shodoshima sightseeing.
★By reservation from the official website, you will receive a shopping ticket (500 yen or 300 yen) that can be used at the souvenir store inside the facility! Please apply from the HP limited plan of the reservation page★

【Limited to HP of Chushikoku residents】No meals, mini breakfast & souvenir ticket 300 yen Free trip without meals

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • lobby

    In the lobby where you first welcome you,
    It is characterized by a modern construction interwoven in a calm relief feeling.
  • Angel Road view garden

    Tenku Hotel Kairo garden of Tenku Hotel Kairo, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Angel Road, and you can enjoy the spectacular sea of the Setonaikai Sea and the spectacular views of the islands.
  • Large Communal Bath

    Setouchi large public bath where you can enjoy the view of Setouchi. From the outdoor open-air bath you can watch Angel Road.
    ◆Opening Hours◆
    6:00 to 8:30 in the morning
    evening, From 16:00 to 23:00
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Tenku Hotel, Kairo


1135 Kabuto, Tonosho Town, Shozu County, Kagawa Prefecture

Telephone number



Tonosho Port approximately 7 minutes by car from Tonosho Port.Ikeda Port approximately 12 minutes by car from Ikeda Port.Fukuda Port approximately 40 minutes by car from Fukuda Port.

Free pick up from Tonosho Port.Tonosho Port will pick you up around 7 minutes when you call us from Tonosho Port.In the morning, we operate a shuttle bus to Tonosho Port.
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New coronavirus prevention measures

  • Regarding the policy of this facility

    ■Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we took this situation seriously and decided that the safety and security of our customers and all employees were the most important, so we decided to close it.We are very sorry for the patronage of our customers, but we will be closed from April 20th to July 20th.

    ■After the business is restarted, the number of people will be reduced to half (to accept only half of the rooms) to avoid congestion, and all employees who come into direct contact with customers wear masks, wash hands, thoroughly disinfect alcohol, and plan meals online. Sales will be temporarily suspended.We ask our customers to measure their body temperature at check-in, disinfect alcohol, wear masks, and fill in the addresses of all.

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