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Seasonal variety of seafood, heartfelt grace of nature

Tenku Hotel Kairo, we have a basic plan for four dinners."Sea" "Mountain" "Sky"“Kaze” Please choose according to your needs from the three plan. We also have a seasonal plan such as barbecue in summer and hot pot dishes in winter.For breakfast, please enjoy the set meal of chief chef passion at the restaurant where you can see the sea.
  • Dinner “Umi” Plan

    “Umi” plan is the most high-grade dish plan among the four basic plan. We will prepare "special seasonal local specialties dishes of the four seasons" that you can enjoy seasonal seafood fully by making use of Shodoshima's geographical advantage.Every season, we arrange a menu that chooses the most delicious ingredients at that time, and creates a seasonal multi-course meal.For foodstuffs, please use local produce as much as possible and enjoy the seasonal full of taste that made use of the sea and mountain fish (photo is an example).
  • Dinner "Yama” Plan

    It is a "healthy gastronomic"plan that enjoys the fusion of Japanese materials and olive oil.Olive oil containing a lot of oleic acid, which is said to be good for health and beauty, has also attracted attention as a long life food in recent years.Shodoshima where olive oil cultivation is thriving for about 100 years ago.The chief chef who knows the material of the island delivers the seasonal taste with the aroma of olives.Enjoy the seasonal feeling of co-starring Olive and Japanese cuisine (photo is an example).※Olive oil uses oils carefully selected from around the world according to the dish.
  • Dinner "Sora" Plan

    Shodoshima is a standard Kaiseki cuisine plan that takes traditional materials of Shodoshima.Shodoshima's season as it is, I hospitality with a heart in the color to taste.For foodstuffs, we use local produce as much as possible.Please enjoy the taste full of the season feeling which made use of the sea and the mountains of the mountain.(The picture is an example.)
  • Dinner "Kaze" plan

    It is a reasonably priced dinner plan that is perfect for customers who do not need full-fledged kaiseki cuisine but would like to have dinner at ease in the inn.We will prepare a Japanese dinner enjoying the taste of Shodoshima seasonal ingredients.For foodstuffs, we use local produce as much as possible.Please enjoy the taste of Shodoshima.(The picture is an example.)
  • Breakfast 2018☆summer☆Renewal!

    Breakfast of the summer renewal in the summer of 2018.A chief chef introducing a passionate set meal set newly appeared.Sugitake · Enjoy local taste including special dressing using Yamahara Soy Sauce moro sticking to long-term maturation☆
    Breakfast will be served in Japanese style food style at the restaurant with sea view.
  • Children's lunch (Dinner)

    From infants to children of lower grades, kids meal is available.