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To our guests

  • Thank you very much for your reservation and staying at the Tenku Hotel Kairo.We would be pleased if you could see the information on our accommodation.If you have any questions or concerns regarding your stay, please do not hesitate to ask the staff whatsoever.We will keep in mind that we will make your stay as comfortable as possible.
  • ◆Regarding transportation, "Check-in, out," about use of the parking lot, "About Wi-Fi," meal hours, "About smoking," on the use of large public baths, "Information on Kairo Shoten" , Information on coffee corner◆, "Ordering of cake" About clothes in the facility, "About amenity" About arranging rental car

About pickup

  • ●Pick up
    Tonosho Port will pick you up at Tonosho Port from time to time.If you call us at Tonosho Port, we will be at around 7 minutes.If you arrive at a Tonosho Port other than Tonosho Port, please excuse me, but please move by bus or taxi to Tonosho Port.
    Every morning, a shuttle bus is regularly operated from hotel to Tonosho Port (8: 00, 8: 30, 9: 00, 9: 30, 10: 00).Please contact us in advance if you need individual response due to departure early in the morning.

Check in Check out

  • ●Check In
    Check-in is from 3 PM to 22 PM.However, guests with dinner plan should arrive by 19 o'clock.If arrival is delayed, please call the front desk (0879 - 62 - 1430).
    ●Check Out
    Check out is until 10 AM.

About parking lot usage

  • Guests of the hotel can use the parking lot for free.Parking lot is outdoor.

About Wi-Fi

  • Free Wi-fi service is available only in lobby.There is no Wi-fi service in the room.Please note.

About meal time

  • ●Dinner (Advance reservation is required)
    It is a start between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm.Please tell the time you want when checking in.
    ●Breakfast (advance reservation is required)
    It is from 7 o'clock to 9 o'clock.Customers who depart earlier than 7 o'clock will prepare breakfast box lunches if you can contact us so far.

About smoking

  • All guest rooms are allowed to quit smoking.If you are a smoker, please use the two outdoor smoking areas.

About using a public bath

  • The public bath is open from 16:00 pm to 23:00 pm.To prevent coronavirus, the morning bath is open only on Sunday mornings and Golden Week.Hand towels are installed in the public bath, so please use them freely.There is no bath towel, so please bring it from your room.
    The public bath is slightly away from the guest room.Since there are steps such as stairs, customers who need assistance to move, please do not hesitate to tell the front desk.A coin launderette is available in the public bath lobby.Detergent is sold at the front desk.■Washing machine: One time 300 yen, "Dryer: 30 minutes 100 yen, "detergent: One serving 50 yen

Guide of shop "Kairo Shoten"

  • The opening time of this in-facility shop "Kairo Shoten" is from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. Customers purchasing over 10,000 yen including tax at "Kairo Shoten" are free shipping in Japan (excluding some solitary islands), so please use them. Please understand that we are pleased to pay in cash without being able to use credit card at Kairo Shoten.

Coffee corner information

  • Coffee and alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed in the lobby (there is no light meal available).The opening time of the coffee corner is from 7 AM to 9 PM.

Order cake

  • For celebrations such as your birthday, I will reserve a cake reservation.Please apply by the day before your arrival. (E-mai: info@kairo-shodoshima.jp, Tel: 0879-62-1430) When making a cake reservation, (1) the type of cake, (2) the content (up to 20 characters) if you want to add a message, (3) the timing of serving the cake (at dinner or delivered to your room), (4) if you need a candle Please let us know your age, ⑤ if you are surprised, the name of the person in charge of contact and your mobile phone number.
    ≪Types of cakes≫ ※All prices are tax inclusive.
    ·No. 4 size "12 cm in diameter" (fresh cream / chocolate) ¥ 2400
    ·No. 5 size "15 cm in diameter" (fresh cream / chocolate) ¥ 3500
    ·No. 6 size "18 cm in diameter" (fresh cream / chocolate) ¥ 4700
    ·No. 6 size "18 cm in diameter" (ice cream cake) ¥ 4700
    ·No. 7 size "21 cm in diameter" (fresh cream / chocolate) ¥ 6000
    ·No. 8 size "24 cm in diameter" (fresh cream / chocolate) ¥ 8000
    ·No. 9 size "27 cm in diameter" (fresh cream / chocolate) ¥ 10700

About clothing in facilities

  • Yukata robe, Tangen front desk, slippers available in the room.It is okay to have a yukata robe and slippers at the facilities (restaurants, public baths, lobby etc).Please inform the front desk when the size of the yukata does not match.

About amenities of guest room and public bath

  • The following accommodations are provided in the guest room and public bath.
    Tea set / Hairdryer (subject to front desk rental in some rooms) / body soap / shampoo / rinse / brush set / razor / comb / towel / bath towel
    ●Large Communal Bath
    Face towel/Body shampoo/shampoo/conditioner/brush

About arranging rent-a-car

  • We will proxy car rental arrangements.If you wish to rent a car, please contact the front desk in advance. (As there are limited number of cars, we recommend early reservation in the busy season.).Car rental delivery place will be our hotel.In order to use rental car, it is essential to have a driver license permitted in Japan.
    ●price, ~For ordinary cars, Petrol substitution~
    2 hours 2750 yen(Within 50 km)/4 hours 5000 yen(Within 70 km)/6 hours 6300 yen(Within 90 km)/12 hours 8,500 yen(Within 150 km)/24 hours 10,000 yen(Within 180 km)/Disbursement indemnity fee 1100 yen(Per day)
    ※Other mini vehicles and mini-vans with eight passengers are also available.