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shop, "Kairo Shoten"

shop, "Kairo Shoten"

  • The shop "Kairo Shoten shop" at the Tenku Hotel Kairo is waiting for customers from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, various kinds of passionate soy sauce etc. from Shodoshima's standard staple. With domestic purchase of over 10,000 yen including tax Free shipping in Japan! Please use it.
  • ★Recommended★Yamahirasu soy sauce

    Founded 112 years.Old-fashioned cedar Yamahara Soy Sauce series of bukkake series of Yamahara Soy Sauce sauce and Yamahara Soy Sauce"Yamahara Soy Sauce" that keeps protecting natural brewing. It is also ideal for souvenirs in petit bottles.
    ●Bukkake black sesame sauce
    It is a soy sauce with a rich flavor of black sesame seeds.Please use it as it is as a dressing or stir-fry vegetables, together with tofu.
    ●Dashi soy sauce
    Dashi Yamahara Soy Sauce sauce. To light taste soy sauce, umami, sesame seeds and umami umami are added to the elegant flavor.
    ●Bukkake soy sauce
    Yamahara Soy Sauce of yamahara sauce. Add a reasonable sweetness to the soup 's umami to a deep flavor.Egg chow, rice fried udon noodles, grilled udon just as you please.
  • ★Recommended★, Oriental olive extra virgin oil, Renunciation

    Extra virgin olive oil blended carefully from all over the world "Oriental olive" which is representative of Shodoshima. It is olive oil that goes well with Japanese food.
  • ★Recommended★, Shodoshima cooked rice ingredients

    Cooked rice derived from the traditional dish "Kawameshi" at the foot of Shodoshima's Kankakei. Setouchi is a rice cooked in many ingredients seasoned with Shodoshima soy sauce / confectioned kelp soup using Naruto, domestic burdock produced in Setouchi, carrots, lotus root. Just mix with 360 ml of rice and cook it.Would you like to go back to the dinner the same day?