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  2. Limited Time Only★Sea Eel Plan

Limited Time Only★Sea Eel Plan

  • ★Limited Time Only★A plan to enjoy autumn Shima Hamo started!

    ★Shodoshima's brand 鱧 "plan to enjoy Shima Hamo plan★
    Shodoshima's brand name "Shima Hamo" which cleared the strict standards. A complete cooking plan using 'Shima Hamo' which is caught only at Shikai Fishing Port located in northwestern part of Shodoshima started! Please enjoy the autumn Shima Hamo Shodoshima! You can also take a tour of Shikai Fishing Port as a collaboration benefit! (Refer to the following conditions)

    ★Fall in Autumn is delicious★
    It is strong in the image of the summer, but the recommendation is autumn! Autumn tusks that have increased their appetite after laying eggs are very tasty with oil on their bodies! Please appreciate the autumn Shima Hamo.

Collaboration Offer★Let's go to the Shikai Fishing Port!

  • This time, Four Seas Fisheries Cooperative Association that landed the Shima Hamo as a collaboration project with Shikai Fishing Port, in your application of customer limit the Shima Hamo plan, Shima Hamo tour experience meeting that takes place at the Shikai Fishing Port (surcharge) We have decided to participate in the event! Procedure of application will be handled at the hotel☆

★Tour content

  • 【Implementation date and time】
    It is implementation only on weekdays except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. You can choose the time from ① from 9: 00 to 10:00, or ② from 10: 30 minutes to around 11:30 minutes.
    Tour of the landings have been Shima Hamo, tour of the Shima Hamo processing plant, tasting experience of Shima Hamo
    (You can also shop after the end of the visit.)
    One adult is 500 yen, less than junior high school students are free
    【Number of people】
    From a minimum of 4 people to a maximum of 10 people
    Local assembly, local dissolution.
    Participation fee will be paid directly at Shikai Fishing Port. (No deposit at hotel)

How to apply and notes

  • 【Application method】
    Application will be accepted at Tenku Hotel Kairo.Please tell us the reservation name, the desired date, the number of people, the telephone number of the contact at e-mail (info@kairo-shodoshima.jp) or telephone (0879-62-1430).We will inquire about the availability of acceptance of reservation at Shikai Fishing Port from the Tenku Hotel Kairo and contact the customer with the result.  If you do not hear from us after a week of application, please do not hesitate to contact the hotel though sorry to trouble you sorry to trouble you.

    【Things to watch for】
    ·The organizer of the tour experience session will be the Shikai Fishery Cooperative Association, and the holding and cancellation of the meeting will Shikai Fishery Cooperative Association on where the union decides.
    ·Because reservation will be on first come, first served basis, we may not be able to make reservations on the desired date.
    ·Even if you have a reservation, visits may be canceled due to weather conditions.
    ·Depending on the shipping situation of fishery or shrimp, there may be no litter that was landing.In that case, only the tour of the processing plant and the tasting party will be done.
    ·鱧 is a fierce fish.Be sure to follow the instructions of the person in charge when visiting.
    ·Shikai Fishing Port is local dissolution on site.
    ·Participation fee will be paid directly at the site.
    ·The information received from the customer at the time of application will be shared with the Shihai Fisheries Cooperative Association to the extent necessary for the tour of the fishing port.

Access to Shikai Fishing Port and surrounding information

  •                Comming soon ...·